Yoga Home Practice -Level 1 Sequence 6

We have created audio files for you to use with the practice sheets, with Julie teaching the sequence in real time.  You will be able to use these sheets and audio files when and wherever it suits you, repeat them as often as you like, or  even download them so you can use them without WiFi. 

Make sure, before you start, that you have had a look at the poses so you know what will be coming up - it will make following the teaching easier. It may also be a good idea to have the picture to hand - printed out or on screen. 


We're not charging for Julie's teaching  in this form - it is free for all who choose to benefit from it. But if you can, and want to, we would gladly receive a donation as a contribution towards the ongoing fixed costs of the Yoga on Tay studio.  Just give what this is worth to you, and only if you can.  For details of how to do so click here: Donations.


So get on your mat, and have a go! 

Click on the image to download a home practice PDF. 

Yoga on Tay home practice sequence

Level 1 Sequence 6  (28 minutes)


Sequence 6 includes Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulderbalance). Please only do this (and Halasana - plough  pose) if you have already practiced this in class and know how to do so safely. Also, please don't be tempted to practice these poses without enough height under the shoulders - make an adequate raise or you might hurt your neck. Stacks of (firm) blankets, big beach towels, or books  wrapped up in your mat can all work. 

If you don't practice shoulderbalance, Julie will give alternatives: Viparita Kirani ('legs up the wall') or

Setu Bhanda Sarvangasana (bridge pose).

Also, for women, please remember not to practice inversions (Sarvangasana, Halasana) when you are menstruating. 

The audiolink opens up a Dropbox File, either directly, or via Dropbox home page. There is no need to get the App or open an account : just click ' Or continue to website' or close the pop-up box that asks you to open an account, and the file will open up: click the 'play' arrow and off you go! 


 The audio files seem to work best when played on a phone - if using your laptop or computer you may have to plug in a speaker or adjust the volume settings. 

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