Yoga on Tay is more than just a yoga studio. It is part of an international yoga school where we learn how to practice under the watchful eyes of teachers from what is recognised as the most rigorous training system worldwide. Iyengar teachers teach in a very safe, sequenced manner, with attention to detail and helping students to learn to appreciate how props can teach and support us in our yoga when necessary.

Many of you tell us that you would like develop a home practice to compliment what you do in class, but that you feel unsure where to start, what poses you should be doing, or in what order. To help you feel more confident in your home practice, we regularly post practice sheets and notes on individual poses here. The first four of these are created by the Iyengar Yoga Association of Greater New York.

HOME PRACTICE  under COVID-19  restrictions


We will be adding audio files of Julie's teaching to each of the practice sheets, and will be adding more sequences as the weeks go by.

To access each of the practice sheets, click below:



(1) Level 1 Sequence 1, with Audio File

(2) Level 1 Sequence 2, with Audio File

(3) Level 1 Sequence 3, with Audio File

(4) Level 1 Sequence 4, with two Audio versions : Gentle and Swift

(5) Level 1 Sequence 5, with Audio File

(6) Level 1 Sequence 6, with Audio File

(7) Level 1 Sequence 7, with Audio File


(8) Level 2 Sequence 1, with Audio File

(9) Level 2 Sequence 2, with Audio File

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