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Pose of the Month August Parsva Uttanasana

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Parsva Uttanasana

Benefits: Practice this after back bends to soothe the lower back.

Stand in Tadasana facing out from from the wall. Rest your hips on the wall and walk your feet forward about 10 inches/25cm away from the wall, so you are sloping the legs back to the wall. Spread the feet so the outer ankles are in line with the outer hips, keep the outer edges of the feet parallel to each other.

Extend forward, keeping the sitting bones 'fixed' on the wall, buttocks broad and the lower back long.

Allow the head to hang. Place your fingertips on the floor either in front of you, or if possible, to the sides of your feet.

Parsva Uttanasana hand to the side

Keeping both buttocks level and in touch with the wall, take hold of your right ankle with your left hand. Place your right hand on the floor to the side of your right foot.

Allow the left side of the lumbar spine to lengthen and stretch.

Repeat on the left.

Return to the center.

Parsva Uttanasana Hand to the Wall

Second time place the left hand on the wall to enhance the releasing effects for the back.

Repeat on the left.

Return to the center.

Return to standing.

Thanks to our model, Marieke, teachings from Geeta Iyengar and fellow teachers at Yoga on Tay in creating this pose of the month guide. There are a wide range of other poses for you to try. Browse all of the pose of the month guides here.


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