Yoga on Tay Studio policies


Studio opens 10 minutes prior to class time: please do not arrive before then in order to give the teacher time to prepare or  for the previous class to finish. 


If you are attending your first class, please arrive in good time to compelete a registration form.  We encourage all students to arrive at least 5 minutes early to check in and settle on their mat.  

If you bring your mobile phone to class please switch it off or ensure it is on silent upon arrival. However, we understand some people may be on call so please let the teacher know who can inform students should there be an interruption to their practice.


Please disclose all medical issues to teachers and provide regular updates on any changes to your medical condition.


It is advisable to practice yoga on an empty stomach meaning not eating heavily for 2-3 hours before class and not eating in the hour before class .


Please wear comfortable clothing and layer up for class in the colder months. 


We have a lost and found area in the shelves at the front of the studio.  We will keep all lost and found items for  2 months following which we will give them to the local Rio charity centre. 


Please remove shoes at the front of the studio to help keep your practice area clean, and please don't bring water bottles into the practice area. 

Should your regular teacher be unavailable, we will do our very best to ensure there is  replacement. Occasionally you may therefore have a different teacher.

We reserve the right to make changes to the class timetable at any time. Changes will be advertised in good time on the website, in the studio, by newsletter and on Facebook.

Yoga on Tay is a small studio, and we need a break every now again come to back fresh to teaching and to yoga. We therefore usually close for a week (or two) over the school holidays (Summer, October, Christmas and Easter). Closure dates will be advertised in good time, and class passes will be extended for any period the studio is closed. 


Yoga on Tay takes your privacy seriously. We are a 'controller'  (under the General Data Protection Regulations - GDPR) of the personal information that you provide to us.

Our Privacy Notice sets out how, why and for how long we will use your personal data. It also explains your legal rights and as a 'data subject', and how to exercise them. 

Download our Privacy Notice here.

Our Data Protection Policy states our commitment to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and sets out the procedures that are in place to ensure that all personal data obtained, held or used by Yoga on Tay is protected and manages in accordance with the GDPR. 

Download our Data Protection Policy here. 

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