We believe that yoga is beneficial in many aspects of life - and especially regular yoga practice. We therefore offer class passes that reward and encourage regular attendance (more than once a week, even) - but that also recognise that we all can have different pressures and priorities in our life at different times. 

Class passes for regular attendees


Our class passes are:

6 in 6 pass: 6 Class pass valid for 6 weeks  - suitable for  regular weekly attenders.

5 in 6 pass: 5 Class pass valid for 6 weeks - if you attend most weeks but know you have to miss a class every now and again.

10 in 7 pass: 10 Class pass valid for 7 weeks -  if you like to attend more than once a week when you can

For any period the studio is closed, the week(s) will be added on.

Looking for a drop in yoga class?


You can of course also book and pay for a single class at a time:  'Drop-in'.


60 or 75 minute class

Drop-in £10

Class passes

6 Classes in 6 weeks    £45

5 Classes in 6 weeks    £42.50

10 Classes in 7 weeks £70



90 or 105 minute class

Drop in £11.50

Class passes

6 classes in 6 weeks     £54

5 Classes in 6 weeks    £50

10 Classes in 7 weeks  £85 

Limited concessions and student rates are available.


£65 Unlimited Membership


This is our most cost effective price for regular attendees at £65/month. This is popular with regular class attendees as (based on a 4 week month) it works out at £5/class if you attend 3 times and £4/class if you attend 4 times a week. It's even less on a 5 week month! We expect a commitment of 6 months minimum when beginning an unlimited membership. Please email or speak to us to arrange. 

Please note this is payable as a standing order by bank transfer and does require 30 days notice when you want to cancel an unlimited membership.

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