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New to Yoga?

New to Yoga?

Getting started with Iyengar Yoga


Beginners are always welcome at Yoga On Tay!


You are very welcome to join any Block or Class advertised as Beginners, Level 1 or General.  These classes cover a variety of poses: standing, sitting, twisting, sometimes flowing and fast moving and at other times we practice in a more restorative way, but always sequenced well as this is a unique feature of Iyengar yoga. Props may be used to help overcome difficulty with a pose or to make it more challenging and therefore develop our intelligence of the pose.

Our Foundation Course can also be a great starting point for complete beginners - we run these usually a couple of times a year. 

Please note Level 1-2, Level  2 and Level 3 classes are not suitable for beginners.

It is helpful if you get in touch so that we can advise which class might be best to start with (a quieter class can be easier to slot into, for example).


Note that you will be asked to register as a member before you first book, and you will need to complete a health declaration form before coming to your first class.

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"I have tried yoga a number of times in the past and I really think this was the best class I’ve ever done. Julie’s way of explaining how each part of the body should be positioned in relation to everything else was really helpful."

Foundation Course
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Yoga Foundation Course

Start with other beginners!


Our Foundation Course is a great starting point for complete beginners. Having an 'inflexible' body or minor aches and pains is not a bar! 

We provide all yoga props and you will be taught by one or more of our teachers in small a group with other beginners. You will learn the basic yoga postures and principles sufficiently to join an on-going class with confidence.

Please note it is not possible to 'drop-in' to the Foundation Course. 

If you would like to be notified of when the next Foundation Course will run, contact us here. If you have any medical issues or injuries, or if you are simply not sure then it's always good to talk to us first. ​​​

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