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Our Story

Our Story

We are Julie and Marieke, owners of Yoga on Tay,  and we love Iyengar Yoga!

Together we have more than 50 years experience as yoga practitioners and we aim to inspire and encourage students to excel in their practice of yoga through sharing our enthusiasm and dedication, as well as offering a unique space for the yoga community.


When we took over Yoga on Tay in 2017 we upgraded the studio with underfloor heating and a reception area, and fully equipped it,  creating a safe and supportive environment for practice.

We like to introduce a sense of serious fun through the asanas (poses) while generating an eagerness to learn - adding layers of understanding for our students over time to guide them in realising their full potential. 

Julie and Marieke in vrksasana
Julie and Marieke at Yoga on Tay
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