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Yogi of the Month January 2021

Welcome to our new Yogi of the Month feature.

Over the coming months we will be featuring different students from Yoga on Tay and asking them to talk about their Yoga practice.

For our first Yogi of the Month article, one of our newly qualified teachers, Jo Mitchell talks with a regular Yoga on Tay attendee, Lynsey and how Iyengar Yoga fits into her life.

The interview was recorded in January 2021 during lockdown over Zoom.

Yogi of the Month January 2021 Lynsey

Here is a transcription of the interview below:

Jo: Welcome to our first Yogi of the month interview. We are here with one of our long standing students at Yoga on Tay; Lynsey. So we have a couple of questions for you that I’ll just run through.

So Lynsey when did you start yoga?

Lynsey: Well I started yoga properly with Julie back in either March or April 2015 so it’s been nearly 6 years that I have been going to classes with Julie (Anderson). I had attended classes before that but it was fairly informal, odd classes at Eden Court but nothing consistent or no weekly practice before that.