Yoga Teachers at Yoga on Tay


Julie Anderson

Senior Teacher and Owner Yoga on Tay

Iyengar Senior Intermediate 1 Teaching Certificate IY(UK) 2013
Originally qualified in1997 and currently registered with IY(UK), Julie is also an Assessor and Teacher Trainer and Mentor with the IY(UK).

After initially qualifying in 1997 as an Introductory Iyengar Yoga Teacher, and then in 2004 as a Junior Intermediate teacher, I gained my first Senior Teaching Certificate in 2013. I have now been teaching for over 20 years and practising for twice that long!  

In this time, I have taught: 

All ages - from preschool to seniors;

All levels - from beginners through to intermediate and teachers;

Training days  - for Yoga Scotland and the British Wheel of Yoga;

Specialised classes - from pregnancy to remedial/therapy yoga, the latter being my particular area of interest and expertise.

I hold a deep love for yoga which even after all these years continues to fulfil me in my own practice and as I continue to learn from highly respected teachers both in the UK and internationally, not to mention regular visits to the prestigious Iyengar Institute in Pune,  India.

Yoga is an intrinsic part of my life which I share through my teaching and balance in life with my partner & family whether at home or in the great outdoors.

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Helena Porelli

Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher

I discovered Iyengar Yoga in 2013 whilst living abroad in Republic of Congo. Of all the types of yoga that might be on offer there, it just happened to be Iyengar! I loved it, attended twice a week and quickly developed my own home practice.  

Since then I have had the good fortune of learning from many other inspiring teachers in different settings: classes, workshops and retreats  in Scotland, South Africa and Congo. 

At some point, becoming an Iyengar teacher went down on a list of future plans. Now, that is a reality! I qualified in December 2020 and am now able to share my delight in Iyengar Yoga with you. It has given me calmness, stability, greater discipline and confidence. I bore easily, but not of Iyengar Yoga, where the learning is endless, the possibilities infinite and every practice different. 

I look forward to welcoming you to my classes at Yoga-on-Tay! 

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Jo Mitchell

Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher

I discovered Iyengar Yoga in Edinburgh in 2001 in my late 20s attending classes taught by Stella Craven. Like Helena, I was just heading along to a yoga class. I wasn't aware that it was Iyengar Yoga but I was aware that I always felt great on the walk home. I continued attending Stella's classes and the Edinburgh Iyengar Centre. On moving to Vancouver in my late 30's, I typed 'Iyengar Yoga class' into Google and was lucky enough to find an Iyengar Yoga class 3 blocks away taught by the exuberant Ingelise Nherlan.

When I returned home to Fife, I enrolled in the Introductory teacher training program run by Liz Ballantyne and Julie Anderson making great friends and embarking on the great learning journey of becoming a teacher of  Iyengar yoga. In the words of BKS Iyengar "Ignorance has no beginning but has an end. Knowledge has a beginning but no end." 

Iyengar Yoga helped me through both my pregnancies and now brings me balance and stability, strength and relaxation. I look forward to welcoming you to my class at Yoga on Tay. 

Iyengar Yoga Trainee Teachers

Iyengar Introductory  1 and 2

To train as an Iyengar teacher it is necessary to have attended 3 years of classes, then be selected as having the potential to become a teacher, before embarking on the 3 year mentoring programme. This concludes with a test paper and a practical assessment of the trainee's poses and teaching ability.  

This rigorous training system ensures a consistently high standard of teaching by any Iyengar teacher, from introductory level upwards, and ensures that even newly qualified teachers will have suitable grounding and experience in their yoga practice.


We are pleased that several of our students are currently training to be teachers, and those in the final stages of their training are keen to share their learning, and to learn themselves, by teaching a 'community class'.  Details of any current community classes can be found on the class timetable.