B.K.S. Iyengar’s method of practising and teaching Hatha yoga is practised world-wide, and developed from a profound understanding of the subtleties of yoga asana (poses). Concentrating on alignment and extension, Iyengar yoga ensures a safe and progressive exploration of the asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing exercises). Props such as belts, bricks, wall ropes and blankets are used to help students perform the correct actions as they develop their practice. Classes may be slower paced, but can be physically demanding to optimise the transformational potential of the asanas. Suitable for all, but particular attention to attending the appropriate level is recommended. 

Level 1 Class is suitable for beginners and those wishing to consolidate their practice at this level.

Level 2 Class is for students who have attended Iyengar Level 1 classes for at least a year and focuses on refining the basic asanas. Shoulder balance is practised regularly, and head balance will be introduced.

Level 1-2 Class suitable for both Level 1 and Level 2 students who are ready to work a bit harder, but not suitable for complete beginners.

Level 3 Class is suitable for  students who have attended Iyengar classes regularly for at least two years and who feel ready to begin intermediate poses and consolidate the inverted poses . Students working at this level are advised to develop a regular home practice. 

General Class is suitable for all students - variations and adaptations will be given to accommodate varying levels of experience within the class.

Gentle Class is geared toward people with injuries and older students, but is really for anyone seeking an easier going practice. The class uses more supports and props, to allow you to enjoy the benefits of yoga in  a safe, slow and methodical way.

Community Class is designed to benefit not only those who like to come to the studio on a Monday morning, and those looking for perhaps an extra class in the week, but also to benefit Jo and the other three yogis at Yoga on Tay currently in teacher training in the Iyengar system (see Teachers - 'Trainee Teachers').  The new 'community class' has been set up to give Jo (and on occasions when Jo is unable to take the class one of the other trainees) extra teaching experience. The class will be taught at Level 1, class size will be kept small and a reduced fee is charged.


Yoga is an ideal way to remain active and yet in be in touch with your 'bump'. Julie and Wendy  are both fully qualified, insured and experienced in teaching yoga during pregnancy (through their own pregnancies and with dozens of 'yoga babies' between them). 


This class is run  by Debbie please contact her for information and to book on debbiebrown667@gmail.com 

KIDS (5-9 years) YOGA

This class is run  by Debbie please contact her for information and to book on debbiebrown667@gmail.com 

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