How to book your yoga class at Yoga on Tay


We have an online booking system:

Please book into your class using our Book Online page, or the Glofox App on your phone which can be downloaded from the Book Online page.

Purchasing a Class Pass and booking your class

If you would like to purchase a Class Pass,  you will need to purchase what Glofox (the booking system we use) calls  a 'Membership' (apologies for the confusing language -  Glofox has a few quirks). You can find this by clicking on 'Membership' at the top of the online booking page.

Even if you purchase a pass for classes, you will still need to book in for each class you want to attend to be sure of a space (this will then take a credit off your pass). Or you can come into studio a few minutes before class to book in at the front desk, however your place can not be guaranteed this way.  

You can check your 'membership' online to see how many credits you have remaining.

Purchasing and booking a Drop-in

If you would like to purchase a Drop-In, you will need to click the 'Book Now' button for the class you want to attend. 

Purchasing and booking a Course

 If you want to book on and pay for a course (such as the Foundation Course), you need to click on 'Courses' at the top of the online booking page and follow the prompts. If you are not registered with Glofox yet you will have to do that first (including adding a payment method), before you can book and pay for the course. 


If you can, please book in for a class if you know you are going to attend. This is helpful for the teacher. If after you have booked you are no longer able to attend, you can cancel your booking online up to 6 hours before the start of the class. This will add a credit (back) to your account. If you have booked a class and don't show up, a credit will be taken.  

Help! I can't get to grips with online booking!

Don't worry - we can sign you up and book you in at the studio, you can pay there and book your class for the next time as well.  If it is your first time and you have not booked please send us a message to say you plan to come (so that we can let you know in case the class is full).  

If you want to book on a course and it's not happening for you online, please give us a ring (or email us) to get it set up over the phone. 



We often get asked questions on how to use the booking system, so here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that may be useful:

How can I find out how many credits I have left?

On the phone App tap the little 'person' icon in the top left hand corner, which will get you into your profile. This shows you how many credits you have. (To come out of your profile tap the 'back' arrow at the top left).
On the computer you can find this information by clicking the grey 'Profile' button on the top right of the Glofox bookings page. (To come out of your profile, click the grey cross on the top right of your profile page).

How can I find out when my pass runs out?

On the phone App tap the little icon  tops left (as above), and then 'tap for details', under the number of credits, and that will tell you when the credits are valid for.
On the computer you can find this by first clicking on Profile (as above), and then, once you are in your profile, clicking on 'My membership', which will tell you the expiry date. 

Can I bring a friend who wants to try the class?

Yes if you have a friend who wants to come along, you can book them in on your pass.

On the App, find the class you and your friend want to attend, tap 'book', and when the screen opens that asks you to confirm your booking, activate the button that says 'Bring a friend?', say you want to bring a friend,  wait a little moment for the system to update, and then it will say '2 credits' at the bottom - so it takes two credits off your pass for this double booking. Easy!
On the Computer, on the bookings page click on the class you want to book, and where it asks 'number of attendants', make this 2  (this then updates the number of credits to be taken to 2 at the top of the class description screen),  and then click Book. 

Can I cancel a class once I have booked it?

Yes you can, up to 6 hours before the start of the class - your credit will get automatically added back on to your profile (whether you have a 'pass' or not). 
On the App, go into bookings (at the bottom of the screen), tap on the booking you want to cancel, and then tap 'cancel'. 
On the Computer, go into your Profile (as above), and then click on Bookings, and find the upcoming booking you want to cancel, click 'cancel'. 

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