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Online class tips

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

These will be LIVE classes with our teachers who will be teaching from home rather than the studio. The classes will be run through video conferencing software called Zoom and you will receive a link to join the class (it will be called a meeting) beforehand. The most usual way of "joining" the class is by using a device with a camera - pc, laptop, tablet or mobile phone (however this is not so good for you to see with). Depending on the number of people in the class and the equipment that the teacher uses, you both should see each other in the lesson. It is possible that the teacher may not be able to see everyone all the time, so you may not have the same level of interaction as you would in the studio, but the teacher will be able to give feedback and corrections (as long as they can see you on your mat - see 'Getting ready for class' below). Please note that by participating in one of our online classes you agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which might occur as a result. So make sure to clear a sensible amount of space in your home, and practice within your capacity.


How Zoom works

  • Zoom is free for you as a student. You do NOT need to pre-install Zoom or pay for a subscription.

  • You will be prompted to download and install zoom once you click on the link for the class (and it'll save any confusion about which version to use).

  • Please say YES to launching Zoom and YES to joining with audio / video. Select 'speaker view'.

  • It is helpful in the first instance if you can 'arrive' for your class 10-15 minutes before start time so that you and Julie, or someone else, can get any technical issues sorted out.

  • We ask you to keep the video on as it helps Julie to potentially keep an eye on how everyone is doing and respond appropriately if you have video on.

  • We will turn your microphone off during the class to avoid issues with feedback and time lag but it will be possible to ask a question at anytime by pressing the space bar on your keyboard.

  • If you are planning to use a tablet or mobile device to join a class, you might want download the Zoom App from the Apple App store or from Google Play. If you need to install the Zoom App on a mobile device to join a "meeting", this can take a few minutes so it would be helpful to have this already installed


Getting ready for your online class

Many of us find it’s good to arrive a bit early for class at the studio. This gives time to greet fellow students, get equipment ready and mentally and physically prepare ourselves. It is exactly the same for an online class. It helps to check in 10 minutes or so before the class starts so you can:

  • Prepare your space with props to hand. Remember that dressing gown (or other) belts, folded towels and blankets plus large books for blocks can be good substitutes for specialist yoga props. Having a chair to hand can be useful also. A firm kitchen chair is a good option.

  • Set up your device, check the battery and plug in if required. It may help to connect a speaker if you have one.

  • Check your lighting and camera angle so Julie will be able to see you clearly as you would in a studio class. Your mat (or a good part of it) should be in the screen so you can be seen sitting/standing. Having too much light behind you (for example a window) can make it difficult to see you, so consider swapping your set up round.

  • Say hello to each other! Pets and children are all part of the experience so long as you can stay safe while practising.

All of the above will help you to enjoy your class and your access to yoga can then help support you through our 'stay home stay safe' way of living for now.


Please note:

You must book a DROP IN online class at least 1 hour before the class starts.

After that you will not be able to book. Once you have booked we will send you a 'ZOOM' link via email about 30 mins before the start of your class.


Yoga props

After a few weeks of improvising with props and you have decided you are keen to continue with your yoga in addition to your mat we recommend a basic kit of 4 blocks, 2 bricks and a belt. These can be bought from a number of outlets but we recommend a small family business in Edinburgh, click here EkoTex If you type in YOGAONTAY10 at checkout both you and we receive a small discount.


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