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Trikonasana Pose of the Month

Trikonasana is also known as triangle pose.

This is a great entry-level pose to further improve your posture by strengthening the legs and spine while opening the hips and chest.

We recommend you repeat each stage to both the right and left, be able to stay comfortably for several breaths, start with 3 breaths before moving on. Over time build up to 10 breaths at each stage each time.

Trikonasana Stage 1

Stage 1

  • Approach as for Tadasana taking alignment from the wall.

  • Have feet wide enough to be under your wrists 1.2 to 1.4 metres apart.

  • Revolve right foot out by 90 degrees bringing heel in line with left arch.

  • With left heel pressing into the wall turn foot in by 30 degrees

  • Stretch out over right leg placing your hand on the shin as shown.

  • Lift left frontal hip bone up and back with left fingers to avoid abdomen pushing forward

Trikonasana stage 2

Stage 2 Remain against the wall.

  • Extend top arm up.

  • Turn head to see left palm with right eye.

  • Ideally this pose relieves neck ache but if you get a pain in the neck just look forward for now and speak to your teacher.

Trikonasana Stage 3

Stage 3 - Without wall support