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How to improve your posture with Tadasana

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Are you looking to improve your posture? Standing well is key to good posture and learning to stand up straight can help correct slouching. We do this in yoga with TADASANA, which is the first pose we learn and the pose we return to again and again.

Here we offer 3 variations on how to practice TADASANA and so improve your posture and learn how to stand straight.

Through the steps below you will be strengthening your legs and back with positive effects on your circulation, breathing and digestion.

Pose 1 Standing straight, against the wall - TADASANA

Step 1 With the hands on the tummy

Use a wall or door as this really helps improve your alignment and provides a good reference for the body in future poses.

Step 2 Stretching the arms

Step 3 Move into the room

Now move away from the wall and practice in the centre of the room. Try and maintain the memory of the wall behind you.