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Setu Bandha Sarvangasana Pose of the Month

SETU BANDA SARVANGASANA – Literally this is a bridging shoulder balance, really intended to be entered from shoulder balance but usually practiced as a separate entity first, and often as a supported or restorative pose – not today!

Stage 1

Start semi-supine on the ground with the head over the end of your mat.

Feet close to the buttocks and hip width.

Reach back with the right hand, palm up, to place the fingers/fingertips under the heel, now do the same with the left hand.

If this is currently beyond your reach, then place a belt around each ankle. In both cases have the arms fully extended.

Press the heels down and try to pull the fingers out to create a sense of resistance in the whole of your body, then roll first the tip of the tailbone up followed by the pelvis then the lumbar spine. This position is known as CHATUSHPADASANA and is a good preparatory pose for setu bandha sarvangasana as it really broadens the chest and expands the lungs.

Repeat taking left hand back first.

When doing a for a second round try reaching back with both the right and left hand simultaneously to hold the ankles, or again use the