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Upavista Konasana Pose of the Month

Updated: Sep 2


A classic pose seated on the floor known simply as bound seated-angle pose or open-angle pose, aiming to bring the legs and spine to align and work as in TADASANA (Pose of the month in January).

You might think Upavista Konasana is a quiet easy restful pose and yes it can be, but on this occasion, we are looking at a working pose.

Stage 1 Coming into Upavista Konasana

Sit with back erect and legs straight out in front of you as in DANDASANA move the legs sideways one by one, widening them as far as you can for Upavista Konasana.

  1. First find both sit bones and ensure they have clear, full, and even contact with the ground. Keep plenty weight on them.

  2. Next see that you can lift the spine from the base, if there is strain either on the spine or the back of the thighs, pull in the corner of a folded blanket to lift the sit bones as shown in 1c.

  3. Otherwise aim for the back of the legs to rest entirely to the floor, if on a raise obviously this is not possible but at least keep the heels pressing down.

  4. In any case extend into your heels and pull the kneecap up with the front thigh muscles ensuring the kneecap faces the ceiling, while ensuring the flesh of your back outer thighs remains down on the floor.

Stage 2 Coming into the full pose.

Now lean forward and catch your big toes, wrapping your index and middle fingers between the big toes and its neighbouring toes, closing the ‘ring’ with your thumbs for a firm connection and stretch the big toe up while still keeping plenty weight in your sit bones.

If you cannot manage to reach the toes use belts either for the toes (Stage 2a), or the feet as a whole. No belts? Then take the inner feet against a wall and press into it (stage 2b).