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Ardha Chandrasana Pose of the month

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Ardha Chandrasana or half moon balancing pose

A beautiful pose where we balance primarily on one leg. To help cultivate the inner focus and bring good alignment to the posture for the free balance, we start facing a wall.

Stage 1 Ardha Chandrasana using the wall for alignment

  • From a Trikonasana with the left toes touching the wall. (see Image 1a)

  • Bend right knee and place the left fingers to the wall as a support and as a guide to maintaining the chest parallel to the wall. Now draw left foot in and as you take the right hand out 30-40cm either slightly behind, or in line with the trunk.

  • Exhale and straighten left leg and right leg simultaneously. Bring the left leg in line with the trunk and point left toes forwards to touch the wall. (see Image 1b)

  • Draw the right inner thigh closer to the wall to better engage the femur head in to its socket.

  • Turn head upwards and gaze at left thumb, lighten the support from the wall and maintain the pose breathing normally for 5 cycles of breath to start with, building up to 10+.

Stage 2 Balancing in Ardha Chandrasana